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The Cypress Swim Club Masters Team welcomes men and women age 20 and over.  A great way to stay fit and have fun!


About the Cypress Swim Club


     The Cypress Swim Club was founded in 1964 by Donn Squire and Del Neel to train and promote the sport of Synchronized Swimming on the Monterey Peninsula.  Mr. Squire, who passed away in November of 2004, was the first US Men's National AAU Solo Champion in Synchronized Swimming, and performed exhibitions of the sport at both the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome and the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.  Mr. Neel served the sport in numerous capacities, including coaching, chairing the national Law & Legislation Committee for US Synchronized Swimming, developing a training and rating program for Synchro judges, and being elected by the Olympic International Committee to judge at the very first World Aquatic Championships at Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1973.  In September of 2001 he was inducted into the United States Synchronized Swimming Hall of Fame in honor of his many contributions to the sport.

     The Cypress Swim Club has trained numerous elite athletes in Synchro since its inception, including a two-time Olympian in the sport (1996 and 2000) and many who have gone on to swim Varsity Synchro at universities such as Stanford, Ohio State, and the University of Arizona.  The Club is currently coached by Patricia Jones, who began her tenure with the Club in 1994.  Patricia is a level 4 certified coach, a level 2 retaining judge, and co-coached the 2014 US Open senior team champions.  The team also studies Synchro-specific dance and strength training with Gloria Elber, one of the choreographers for the US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team.  Many former Cypress swimmers volunteer time as assistant coaches.


     The Cypress Swim Club is affiliated with the Central California Association and the West Zone of United States Synchronized Swimming, and subscribes to its philosophy and program for amateur sports.  Participants derive many benefits.  In addition to physical fitness, Cypress Swim Club athletes learn leadership, teamwork, self-discipline, poise and self-confidence, and the ideals of good sportsmanship.  While the Club's primary goal is recognition in local, regional, state, zone, and/or national championships, the other attributes make a winner of every athlete regardless of whether or not the swimmer receives an award in competition.