Learn about United States Synchronized Swimming


What is Synchronized Swimming?


     Synchronized Swimming in today's world is nothing like the "water ballet" or "ornamental swimming" of times past.  Over the years Synchro has evolved into an extremely athletic sport requiring rigorous training and high motivation, while simultaneously promoting personal growth, all in the context of having lots of fun!

     Synchronized Swimming competitions consist of two separate parts.  In Figures competition an individual swimmer performs various precise movements with no music in front of a panel of trained judges.  In some cases a Technical Routine with required elements may be performed to music in place of the Figures competition.  This portion of the competition counts as 50% of the athlete's final score.  The other 50% of the score is the Free Routine competition, performed to music and judged on both technical merit and artistic impression.  Free Routines can be Solos, Duets, Trios, or Teams (4-8 swimmers).